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By Neil Abeles
Texarkana Gazette
Clayton James beat the pandemic. In fact, he took advantage of it by opening his barber’s business in Atlanta.
A large red, white and blue sign on the side of the Image Salon brick building on East Hiram announces James’ success.
“Barbershop open. Walk-ins welcome,” the sign says. Two familiar barber’s poles are prominent. This is definitely a barbershop, no doubt, no question.
A month later, by word alone, customers are walking in to be greeted by a young man with flowing blonde hair and a pleasing personality.
The 2015 graduate of Atlanta High School had run out of work options when COVID hit more than a year ago.
“I had a friend who suggested barber school, and so I went. Now, a thousand hours later and after being certified and licensed, I find I like what I’m doing. I enjoy meeting the customer. It’s a chance to build relationships and serve the community, too,” James said.
The young barber is doing something even more special. He’s offering shampoo and razor shaves. These are personal care services not often offered. And a great deal of his barber hand skills are fulfilled with scissors.
Clayton’s shop is located in the Image Salon business space. His office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and Saturday by appointment. A telephone number for appointments is 903-796-0999.
His new and fresh approach is exhibited by the relaxing soft-lighted interior and colorful cape which covers the customer’s shoulders and lap. Nothing is dusty, old or old-fashioned. James is certainly going to give the pandemic a run for its money.
And the most important part of his work other than a good cut?
“Personality,” he said. “I think that’s what most barbers are noted for. A good personality.”
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