Barber in Massachusetts shaves own head to help cancer patient feel more at ease – WCVB Boston

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Sandra Smith started chemotherapy last month. She said one of the hardest things she’s had to do since her breast cancer diagnosis is watch her hair fall out.
“That was probably the first time I felt sick, was when my hair was falling out,” Smith said.
Last week, she hopped in barber George Atieh’s chair at GA Barbershop to shave it all off.
I wasn’t going to sit there and just have my hair fall out in chunks,” she said.
The 40-year-old from Attleboro kept it together as Atieh’s clippers went to work. Then, out of nowhere, the barber took his hat off and started shaving his own head.
“I said I wasn’t going to cry when I was shaving my head, and he made me cry, but those were happy tears — complete happy, and he touched my heart completely,” Smith said.
The two had never met until that day.
Smith’s husband, Jason, has been getting his hair cut at Atieh’s shop in Foxborough for years and pulled the barber aside to break the news.
“To best honest, it’s like, I was shocked when he said she had cancer,” Atieh said. “She wanted to shave her head, and it was so emotional. When I start cutting her hair, I saw her emotional and I wanted to support her and let her know she’s not alone.”
The two shared the video on Facebook. They are encouraging others to look out for the early signs of cancer.
They know the power a small gesture can make.
“I was getting a little anxious as it was coming off and everything, and I think just him pulling his hat off and doing that first strip, I think it just, If anything just completely put me at ease and it just made it that much better,” Smith said.
Smith is raising money for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides event, which takes place on Sept. 26 in Boston.
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