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Barrett Johnson began cutting hair at 6 a.m. with a mission of going for a full 24 hours, committed to sacrificing a full day’s worth of time and energy to help serve a greater purpose.
“Most people fast for 24 hours, so I wanted to make a commitment, I’ll work for 24 hours. It’ll be my fast for charity,” said Johnson, owner of Chairz Barber Spa on Delaware Avenue. 
The fundraiser included a combination of non-stop haircutting and live painting sessions, with every dollar earned going to two local safe havens: Compass House, which takes in homeless and runaway youths, and Haven House Buffalo, which supports survivors of domestic violence.
“I like those two organizations because I had family experiences that are related to those two organizations, and I know that they’re too legit to quit,” Johnson said.
In addition to raising funds, Johnson’s venture was a way to raise awareness for both safe havens, which was why he livestreamed it on Facebook and Twitch. Chairz has been holding charity events since 2013, and his latest feat is another to add to his shop’s yearly agenda.
“I was telling people for the last two months, all you have to do is subscribe," he said. "You don’t even have to donate, because if we can reach more people, that’s a donation. So, those who subscribe, I’m truly grateful for. Those who didn’t understand how, they will next time because we’re going to do it every year.”
The event serves as a reminder for viewers to give back while moving forward in life.
“Support, donate and keep it pushing," Johnson said. "Keep it going, Everybody give back. If you pull up to the toll booth, pay for the guy behind you. Pay it forward. That’s all I want to say.”


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