Barber Claims Woman Called 911 On Him After He Gave Her Teenage Son A 'Bad Haircut' – Comic Sands

A female customer felt compelled to call 911 on a barber who allegedly gave her son a “bad haircut.”
The barber in question was TikToker Robbie Rocco, a.k.a. @RobbietheBonehead, who works at “Boneheads BarberShop” in Norton, Massachusetts.
He posted two videos on TikTok, the first of which showed the woman calling 911 outside the establishment.

“Look at this lady wasting my day,” Rocco told his viewers as he left the shop to film the woman.
Instead of giving a verbal response, she showed Rocco the screen on her smartphone indicating she was talking to an emergency dispatcher.

The clip was viewed over 75K times.

In the video’s caption, Rocco referred to the disgruntled customer using the common name that has colloquially become associated with entitled women.
“Mom [entitled woman] called 911 on me because I cut her son’s hair too short,” he wrote.

The woman asked the emergency dispatcher, “Can you tell him to get away from me, please?” but then walked away from him at the end of the clip.
People commented that while customer concerns are important to many businesses, calling 911 over unsatisfactory service is not the right course of action.

In a part 2 video, Rocco explained that the mother’s 17-year-old son came into the shop for the first time and requested for his haircut to be “high and tight.”
When the teen asked for a No. 2 clipper cut off the top, Rocco cautioned, “bro, a No. 2’s real short.”
But the young customer insisted that was fine, to which Rocco asked again, “are you sure?”
“Yup, yup, just do it,” replied the teen.
Rocco added “this kid said nothing the entire time,” indicating the teen wasn’t complaining as his hair got shorter.
When he was finished, the teen tipped Rocco and left.
“Twenty minutes later, his mom comes busting in the door,” said Rocco of the woman seen in the first clip.
She repeatedly complained that her son’s haircut was “too short,” and despite Rocco trying to tell her it was what her son requested, she threatened to sue him and called 911.

TikTokers commented on the woman’s dramatic response to a temporary problem.

When a user asked how the police responded to the situation, Rocco said “they apologized for her” and shared a laugh over it.

The Daily Dot said they reached out to Boneheads BarberShop about the incident but have not yet heard back.


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