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The new shopping area on Harv’s Island is now available in ACNH 2.0. Here’s a breakdown of the available shops and how to unlock them all.
With the release of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0 update, the exciting new shopping area on Harv’s Island is now open. Players can find the plaza waiting in a clearing behind Photopia. Beloved vendors old and new can be invited to start selling their wares and offering useful services here. Here’s a quick guide to unlocking all the shops (or “co-ops,” as the hippie-minded Harv calls them) in this convenient new location.
In order to open each of the seven new storefronts, players will need to hand over 100,000 Bells to the Lloid construction worker waiting in each spot. Once the donation goal has been met for a shop, it will open the next day at 5 AM. Only one store can be opened per day, so players may want to prioritize the new shopkeepers before inviting more familiar vendors like Saharah or Leif. Note that there is an ABD conveniently located at the right side of the entrance to the plaza, so there’s no need to fly back home to grab more Bells.
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This one is a freebie — all that’s required is for any single shop to be fully set up, and Harriet will open a mini hair salon in the center of the plaza at no extra charge. Once a day, players can hop on the stool and receive a free hair makeover. If the result isn’t desirable, don’t worry — Harriet will happily revert players’ hair to their original look, and the new style will still be saved for future use at any mirror. The styles Harriet offers here are exclusive, so they’re worth collecting even if they’re not all to everyone’s tastes.
No more chasing this roaming camel down! Sahara’s permanent shop in the plaza will offer her extensive catalog of rugs, wallpaper and flooring, in a convenient visual menu format that clearly shows the designs of the items. Buying from her is much faster this way as well, as the dialogue has been thankfully streamlined. There are some new offerings in her item pool, so it’s the perfect time to break out those money-payments.
One of the most anticipated elements of the update is the abundant crop of new produce, including farm-fresh favorites like potatoes, tomatoes and sugarcane. All of these and more will be available at Leif’s permanent storefront. He’ll cycle through different starters and seeds each week, so farming and cooking enthusiasts will want to come back and visit often. In addition to the produce starters and the usual flower seeds and bushes, Leif will also be offering a full island weed cleanup service for 100,000 Bells. This is pricey but may be worth it for those seeking the coveted 5-star island rating (though the Beautiful Island ordinance works just as well for this purpose).
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Possibly one of the most valuable services in the plaza, this alpaca couple will customize anything for a small fee of Bells, generally 6,000 or less. Unlike the normal customizations that any player can perform at workbenches, Cyrus can customize absolutely any item that comes in multiple colors, including items from the Nook Mileage redemption service and other ready-made products. Previously, these pieces could only be collected in different colorways through trading with other players, so obtaining multiple colors directly from Cyrus is a huge time saver.
Everyone’s favorite geriatric turtle is back, and he’s here to help. It seems this old-timer is bored with retirement — so to pass the time, he has kindly decided to set up a convenient storage service in the plaza. Simply speak to Tortimer for access to home storage at no charge, allowing players to take things out and put them in freely. Make sure to talk to him upon every plaza visit, as he will sometimes give small freebies, like acorns in the fall. He likes to don fun, punny seasonal outfits as well, so keep an eye out for those.
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A fan-favorite franchise staple returns at last. Katrina the Fortune Teller, armed with her crystal ball and mystical second sight, will provide fortunes or friendship readings for 1,000 Bells. Buying a fortune will affect luck for the day in various ways — for example, lucky players might end up receiving lots of Bells or enjoy a day without any tools breaking. Bad luck can result in unfortunate effects, such as tripping and falling over. Friendship readings will inform players of their relationship status with any of their villagers. Paying for one of these will unlock the option to fork over 10,000 Bells to bless the friendship in question, increasing affection points between the player and the villager of their choice.
No longer will players have to impatiently wait for the telltale smoke plume of Redd’s ship to appear at the secret beach. Now, the shadiest art dealer around can be permanently stationed on Harv’s Island. He’ll offer two pieces of art per week, though players can force him to swap in new art early if they buy a piece. Redd’s shop also offers mystery raffle tickets for 500 Bells. These will reward players with interesting hand-held items like glow sticks and books. The latter is especially fun — when holding one, players can turn the pages by pressing A. Raffle tickets can also award cute food items like soda cans and soft-serve cones. Just like eating fruit, consuming these food items will provide energy.
Players can now visit this suave Cockney-accented shopkeeper anytime to stock up on bags, shoes and socks galore. Keep an eye out for the stylish new pieces that have arrived with the update, like adorable teddy bear backpacks and elegant clasp purses. As with Leif and Redd’s permanent shops, this storefront’s stock is refreshed weekly. Kicks is the only vendor in the game who sells bags, so his shop is always worth visiting.
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