Amadeus Research: What Will Drive Hotel Recovery In 2022? – Hospitality Net

Nearly two years after COVID-19 was first detected, the hospitality industry has yet to make a full recovery. Hotel occupancy rates and interest to travel have fluctuated from season to season and country to country, all impacted by government regulations, vaccine availability, and consumer confidence.
While not at 2019 levels, the good news is all regions have seen positive growth this year. According to Amadeus’ Demand360 data, global hotel occupancy peaked at 60% in July 2021, nearly doubling 2020’s performance for the same month.
After a strong summer, bookings remain steady heading into fall in many regions, with Europe and China seeing increased demand in September.
So what can hoteliers do to inspire leisure travel heading into the next few months? How will COVID-19 continue to evolve guest purchasing behaviors and lodging preferences next year?
Based on new research and industry insight, we compiled specific actionable ways for hospitality professionals to build and execute recovery plans across four key functional areas – sales, marketing, revenue management, and operations.
Here are the most important trends and considerations heading into 2022…


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