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Celebrities begin their prep for the annual Met Gala months out from the event. Salon visits become more frequent to perfect those highlights, gym sessions are amped up a notch and the world’s most acclaimed skin specialists are on speed dial for every blemish that might suddenly appear.
For the latter, preparing the skin for such a monumental event requires extensive attention and dedication – and celebrities like Kate Hudson, Zoë Kravitz and Karlie Kloss aren’t just getting your regular, run-of-the-mill facials. Instead, they turn to Iván Pol.
The celebrity aesthetician boasts an impressive following of Hollywood’s elite, who attend his exclusive spa in the lead-up to the fashion world’s most infamous red carpet. Pol’s method, known as The Beauty Sandwich, draws A-listers for the multi-layered “Triple Threat” face treatment.
Forget extractions or face masks – The Beauty Sandwich uses gentle radio frequency layered with an infrared and blue light to reinvigorate the full frame of the face and neck.
Pol developed a series of signature treatments using his advanced radiofrequency technology custom-tailored to provide a natural solution to common ageing concerns, such as volume loss and wrinkle-reduction.
He uses a high-tech skincare method developed to enhance facial features, improve skin texture, tighten the skin and help with wrinkle reduction as a non-toxic alternative to invasive treatments. Each client’s ‘sandwich’ is tailored to their individual skin and concerns.
“I will change the recipe depending on what the client wants to focus on. Since my method is about elevation as opposed to augmentation, you can focus on two or three facial features,” Pol explained.
“For example, Karlie’s makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, wanted an elevated and tight look to her skin—a ‘snatched’ face to complement his makeup inspiration, with a focus on the elevation of the corners of her eyes.”

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