Adderra, Arcostec to deliver sub-metering services to hospitality industry – Smart Energy

Adderra and Arcostec aim to deliver an innovative solution for efficient consumption of water and electricity in Spanish hospitability and rental industry. Hotels and vacation rental properties are considered to play an essential negative role in environmental problems as they produce a vast amount of CO2 and water waste.
Adderra, provider of submetering solution for rental property with integrated billing and payment platform, and Arcostec, Spanish architecture, design and construction company, have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate sustainable development in hotel business and property rental market.
Arcostec always tries to come up with the implementation of sustainable up-to-date technologies and innovation in its projects. That is why the company is always in search of pioneer and effective solutions.
One of such pioneer solutions that the company will apply is Bluetooth electricity and water sub-meters as a part of integrated billing and payment platform for rental property. The innovation was developed by Adderra, which integrated Bluetooth wireless communication into the prepaid sub-meters and accompanied by smartphone application to enable online billings payments for water and electricity.
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Adderra allows to separate the price of accommodation fee per se from the utility costs. Thus, the payment for water and electricity becomes the guests’ responsibility. Now Spanish Hotel owners or landlords, on their turn, will avoid the resource overconsumption that guests create and, hence, minimize their utility bills.
Moreover, as guests and tenants prepay for the utilities they are going to use, it makes them rethink their consumption behavior, making it more rational and, thus, contributing to sustainable development.
Thanks to networks across companies and industries, final users, namely guests and tenants, will also benefit from the new service
As Arcostec became an official representative of Adderra service in Spain, hotels and landlords can address to it with the following questions:
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