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From left, John Scott, Steve Austin and Ronnie Tomlin stand at their stations at the new Austin’s Barber Shop location.
For the last 60 years, many of the residents of the Fairview community in northern Statesville have gone to the same place to get their hair cut, Austin’s Barber Shop. However, back in April, they were notified that they had just 30 days remaining in the building they had called home since the 1960s.
But that would not be the end of Steve Austin’s story as a barber.
In just over one month, Austin, along with newly named partner John Scott, found a new location, renovated the space for the needs of a barbershop, moved the equipment and reopened just over a mile from their old location.
“It was pretty tough (to say goodbye to the old location),” Austin said. “But it’s been a good move. I’ve enjoyed it. We’ve got more space and the most modern barbershop in town.”
The new location at 598 Turnersburg Highway, near Food Lion, opened May 17 to rave reviews from the longtime regulars of the barbershop as well as newcomers. Many of them commented on the size of the new shop, which is much bigger than the previous building they occupied.
“There’s room for twice as many lies in here,” Scott said with a laugh. “There’s no need to let the truth stand in the way of a good story.”
Since the new location opened, Austin and Scott claim to have seen some of their old regulars that hadn’t been in the shop in a while stop in for a haircut and a chat about the new location.
“This has been rejuvenating,” Austin said. “I’ve been doing this since 1966. I’m 73 years old, so I could have retired a while back. But there’s customers that have been like family my entire life, so I thought, well, I need to take care of those folks.”
Being in a shopping center, near a grocery store, rather than in a standalone building also has been a boost for the barbershop. The increased foot traffic and visibility has brought in a host of new customers who the three barbers that work in the shop look to turn into regulars.
“When somebody comes in for the first time and sits down, by the time they get up, we’re kinda buddies,” Scott said. “That’s what a barbershop provides over a corporate clip joint. We’re members of this community.”
Given that Austin’s Barber Shop has been open since 1957, it’s clear the Statesville community has embraced it, too.
“We appreciate the loyalty of our customers. The loyalty is unreal,” Scott said. “They have given more than they’ve received, and we’re extremely thankful for that.”
“As long as the customers are coming, we want to provide them a service,” Austin added. “There’s multiple generations of people that have come to Austin’s Barber Shop. I can’t express enough how thankful we are for that.”
Austin’s Barber Shop is open from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
For more information, visit its Facebook page at facebook.com/Austins-Barber-Shop-1396641497265705/.
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From left, John Scott, Steve Austin and Ronnie Tomlin stand at their stations at the new Austin’s Barber Shop location.
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