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Jasper King
You can buy Joshua's products from his Facebook page. Byline: Sonya Duncan – Credit: Sonya Duncan
An eight-year-old entrepreneur is making a blockbuster idea reality – by turning his love for movie nights with his family into an Oscar-worthy business.
Joshua Vincent from Starston, near Harleston, loves nothing more than a night in with his family in front of a movie.
Joshua has always had the ambition to work in business. Byline: Sonya Duncan – Credit: Sonya Duncan
But Joshua – a budding businessman – soon realised that no movie night is complete without a box of treats to snack on.
What followed was a brainwave worthy of Lord Sugar – to start delivering movie night boxes stuffed with tasty morsels to houses in his area.
The boxes include everything from sweets to popcorn and drinks.
The boxes include all sorts. Byline: Sonya Duncan – Credit: Sonya Duncan
With the help of mum Hannah he runs his own Facebook page, called The Movie Treat Box Company and so far business is booming.
Joshua has his own Facebook page and is creating a website. Byline: Sonya Duncan – Credit: Sonya Duncan
Miss Day said: “He’s always wanted to do something like this.
“Me and his dad already run two businesses. I run a beauty salon and his dad runs a car garage so business is in the family.
“He’s always had that drive to sell so we sat down with him and brainstormed a few ideas and that is when he came up with the idea of selling movie night treat boxes.”
Joshua is determined to increase his sales. Byline: Sonya Duncan – Credit: Sonya Duncan
Joshua spent lots of time working out what to sell – including the different types of boxes to include and what to put in the boxes.
He spent £69 of his pocket money buying stock.
Now, like any good businessman, he is looking to increase his sales.
Miss Day said: “Joshua gets requests through on his Facebook page and heads down to the post office to post them off to customers.
“He designed his own logo for the Facebook page and he is currently designing his own website. 
“He’s only really been doing it for three weeks but already he is looking at future themes like Halloween, Christmas and selling stock at Christmas fairs and has teamed up with various local businesses.
“He knows he wants to work in business in the future and is a very driven and determined young man.
“It makes me proud as a parent to see him with this drive at such an early age.”
Check out Joshua’s business here.
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