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Long locs are nice to have but they’re not as seamless to care for as they seem. Before I locked my hair, it was long and so I thought I’d have long locs flowing on my shoulders. Nobody prepared me for the shock when I saw the spaghetti strands on my scalp. I also had to go to the salon every two weeks. Here are seven more things you should know before beginning your loc journey.
They don’t tell you that locking your hair hurts like crazy. All the methods hurt but palm rolling hurts a little less. However, it’s not for every hair type. Your loctician will choose the best style for you. just make sure to take painkillers a couple of hours before heading to the salon.
You probably think when you have locs, you won’t have to go to the salon as much but you do. But in the early days of your locs, you’re not allowed to manipulate your hair yourself, else your locs will loosen. Loctitians usually advise locs newbies to visit the salon every two weeks to a month. Also, as your hair grows longer, it becomes harder to wash your hair. Guess where you have to go to? Salon!
Most people think when they loc their full long hair, they’ll retain the length. But nothing prepares you for how much your hair will shrink beyond recognition. 
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Everyone wants long, beautiful locs. But they don’t know it takes years of growth and care. Don’t believe me? Refer to the previous point 
Dyeing your hair with locs is much more complicated. Now you have to worry about the dye reaching every bit of your hair. You’re also at more risk of losing hair to dye than people with regular Afro hair. 
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For healthy locs, you’re advised to avoid using products the way you would on a ‘fro because it can cause a build-up of dirt in the strands of your locs which is unhealthy. 
Sometimes your head can feel heavy because, well… dreadlocks are heavy. It could also be due to a build-up of dirt, especially if you haven’t washed your hair in weeks. The solution is to let your hair down and, if, possible, go to the salon and wash it!
Now that you have the facts, are you reconsidering locks? Or would you like to try something less intensive? Try Knotless braids.  
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