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Don’t think your options are limited!
Going to the hair salon can be daunting—there are so many styles and lengths to choose from, not to mention bangs, colors, and all that fun stuff. However, the foundation to a great look is to find a suitable hairstyle that works for you. While you may be coveting the look your favorite celebrity is wearing, your stylist may advise otherwise. Nobody's stopping you from getting whatever your heart desires, but it's worth noting that there are styles out there that flatter your natural facial features—specifically, your face shape. 
As someone with a round face myself, I usually find it difficult to pick a hairstyle that works for me. To help all my fellow round-faced women out there (and OK, myself too), I asked some hairstylists for the best hairstyles for round faces. From blunt cuts to bangs, here are six styles you'll want to consider before your next trip to the salon. 
If you haven’t heard of a blunt cut before, it refers to how precise the hair is cut, leaving a clean, straight finish at the ends. This hairstyle is ideal for those looking to have the same length all around, and Lacy Gadegaard, founder of Laced Hair Extensions & Laced Salon, recommends it for those with a naturally round face. “Any kind of lob or blunt cut can help bring asymmetry to your face, giving it an appearance of a more defined chin and jaw,” she says. “If you wish to elongate your face and draw attention to your chin, try having it cut just below your chin.”
Whether it’s fringe or curtain bangs, it’s no secret that bangs can completely transform a hairstyle. This rings especially true for those with round faces: “Bangs can draw attention away from the jawline, which is the widest part of the face,” says Shelly Aguirre, hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, Ill. 
They can also highlight some of your best facial features by showing off your eyes and cheekbones, according to celebrity hairstylist Johnny Haeger: Just keep in mind that they do require some upkeep with frequent trims and styling for desired volume. 
Classic layers can keep your hair looking on-trend and stylish, while also flattering those with round faces. “A medium-length, shaggy hair style accented with side bangs that hit at the cheekbones is a great look for a round face,” says Nunzio Saviano, hairstylist and owner of Nunzio Saviano salon. “The layers give volume at the crown and the height on top of the head works to balance out facial features and give it an elongated look.”
While middle parts are the hot trend these days, a deep side part may be better suited for you. This style will give your hair more volume and nicely accompany the curves of the face. The best part is that it’s not permanent—you can change it whenever you want with minimal effort.
“I love a deep middle part or subtle side part for a round shaped face,” says Nikki Nelms, celebrity hairstylist and Goody Brand Ambassador. “You can use a comb to help make the parts clean.”
Face-framing layers have dominated salon requests over the last year, and for good reason. “The most flattering hairstyles for those with round faces is a center part with long pieces, or long layers around the face if you want to narrow out the face shape,” says trichologist and hair expert Shab Reslan. “[These] can be left out around the face when their hair is pulled back into a ponytail or bun.” 
Another plus: This hairstyle can work for any hair length. “We’re not trying to hide the round, but frame the round so people can be happy and look good at whatever form of roundness their faces may take,” says Darrius Peace, hairstylist and teacher at The Hayah Beauty Style Network. “Anything that creates fringing or layering around the face will achieve that.” 
“The infamous Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie cut is a perfect cut for those with round faces because of the striking contrast it creates,” says celebrity stylist Andrew Fitzsimons. “Short layers around the crown and longer edges soften facial angles, and added texture at the top creates volume for those with finer hair.” To add some texture, Fitzsimons suggests applying a styling cream, which can provide long-lasting hold and tame unruly ends on a pixie cut. 
However, pixie cuts are a commitment as the process to regrow your hair will take a long time, so make sure to consult with your stylist first before making any drastic changes. 


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