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Saving is not an impossible task, you just have to be consistent to achieve your goals.
Ant expenses are responsible for our portfolio becoming thinner than expected. These do when the time comes to pay for basic services, it does not reach you, that you become a slave to credit cards and interest-free months, in addition to generating chronic stress for “not having money.”
So how do you save so your little pig doesn’t cry every fortnight? Adina Chelminsky shares 50 tips to save in your day to day. In her words, she was invited to the Money Fest to give the theme “most arid and impossible of all”, however, Adina remains positive and says “we will see that it can be done.”
Adina is a Mexican entrepreneur, expert in personal finance, author of 5 books (several bestsellers) including ‘Cabrona y Millonaria’ , endless articles, founder of Tianguis.mx and in her spare time she records the podcast of ‘La Burra Arisca’ . Her passion in life is mentoring entrepreneurs and painting her hair in phosphorescent colors.

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