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AusTex Wellness and Medical Spa is celebrating its five-year anniversary with promotional discounts on products and beauty packages Nov. 8-13. (Courtesy AusTex Wellness and Medical Spa)
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By Grace Dickens | 3:56 PM Nov 4, 2021 CDT | Updated 6:34 PM Nov 4, 2021 CDT
Here are the latest health and beauty business updates for Lake Travis-Westlake residents to look forward to in coming months.
The vote on the transit project’s guidelines came after a one-week delay and extended council discussion.
The Justice Department lawsuit targeted aspects of the bill that restricted the aid poll workers could provide, as well as restrictions on mail-in ballots.
The resolution is a step toward resolving four year negotiations
After 48 years of service, the original location for Catfish Parlor in North Austin is closing.
A fixture in Austin’s cycling scene could soon be involved in a three-way civic parkland swap.
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Alec Robinson, Brook Brown and Phil McDuffee were each elected to seats in the Rollingwood City Council during the Nov. 2 election.
Major construction of new Oak Hill freeway will begin in early 2022.
Austin Energy and Austin Water also released internal reports about their performance during the emergency and planned improvementss.
Items related to Austin’s no-kill goals for pets, several zoning cases and a land purchase for affordable housing are also on tap.
Hospitals, pharmacies and clinics in Austin and surrounding cities are opening appointments for children to receive vaccines over the next week.
Texas’ manufactured housing industry saw brief relief for a few months stretching from summer 2021 to October. However, the industry is expected to experience worsening challenges within the next six months.
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