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“Can I cut your hair?”
It’s a question that’s no doubt being asked in countless households as roommates and partners consider when they’ll be able to visit the barber next.
Many provinces have ordered salons, spas, and personal care businesses to close to prevent the spread of the virus. The decision has left many people searching for DIY skincare routines, nail care solutions, and of course, tips for how to cut hair — without making it look like a hack job.

Whether you’re cutting your own locks or hoping to convince a loved one to let you do the job for them, here are a few things to know before picking up a pair of scissors.
Yes, there is a reason why professionals have those cool-looking scissors. Sharp and precise scissors are necessary to achieve a clean cut. Dull blades can result in crooked lines and frayed edges, which make it even harder to fix afterwards. So, put down those kitchen scissors and look into the right equipment before you start cutting. 
Amazon carries a variety of at-home haircut essentials. You can buy scissors or shears individually or in a set with all the essentials. Wahl Professional provides industry-grade trimmers that your local barber might use. However, if you’re looking for something more affordable, Phillips and Remington are also great options to consider. 
It’s almost instinct to try cutting our hair wet, just like how we’ve seen our hairdressers and barbers do it for years. However, if you’re a beginner at home, start by cutting your hair when it’s clean, dry, and even styled. Our hair is similar to elastic — it’s longer when wet and shorter after we dry it. To avoid accidentally cutting off that extra inch, style your hair like you would when you’re heading out, then trim accordingly. 
Ever had that moment after a haircut when you freak seeing how short it is? Well, even though hair grows back, we want to avoid the next few weeks of awkward styling to hide it. Try using the “one-half” rule when you cut. Next time you’re about to clip away that first lock of hair, stop. Then cut only half of what you wanted. We can always keep trimming our hair, but we haven’t invented a way to grow it back instantly (yet)! 
Planning ahead is always a good idea. Don’t go making that first cut and think you’ll figure it out as you go. Take the extra 10 minutes to research the style you want and do the prep work! There are a variety of tutorial videos to browse (as long as you don’t get distracted by the epic failure videos). Once you’ve picked your style, you may notice that specific cuts need different equipment, like clips and hair ties to section off the areas of the hair you’re trimming.
The last thing we need while stuck at home is to have little pieces of hair in every corner. Before you start cutting, make sure that your space is set up and ready to go. If you don’t have a backyard or a patio, try cutting in your bathroom instead of open spaces like the living room, as they give hair more space to escape. Putting used newspapers or recycled paper on the floor will help quicken the clean-up afterwards. A simple makeshift plastic bag with a hole and some baby powder on your neck can also help to prevent hair from being stuck on your clothes afterwards. 
Even though hair grows back, we still don’t want to spend the next few months with a hat on! Before you start cutting, make sure to do your research and take your time. There are also various methods to improve the quality of your hair without cutting it, such as using the right conditioner or even hair masks. 
Remember that we can still support our local hairdressers and barbers by purchasing gift cards for our next appointment. At some point, we’ll all have to go back and show them our efforts! 
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