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It’s time to dust off those nozzle attachments
There is nothing quite like stepping out of the salon with a fresh blow dry to give you your very own main character moment.
The bounce, the volume, the shine, we’d give anything for that feeling to last, but several applications of dry shampoo later we finally relent that the time has come to wash our dream hair away.
If you can relate, you’ve surely tried to recreate your own salon blow dry at home, but despite investing in more expensive styling products than you’d care to remember, have always failed.
Well not anymore.
We are here to share with you the insider tips we have learnt from watching professionals do their thing both in the salon and backstage – because why should a good hair day be such a rare occurrence?

We know you’ve invested in a plethora of sprays, mists, foams and mousses, but do you actually use any of them?
‘Typically I would use anything from one to three styling products in someone’s hair,’ explains hairstylist Liam Curran.
‘Products are such a huge starting point, it’s all in the prep work,’ he warns. Thankfully we have Liam to decipher what we actually need to use and when to apply it.
Before you even begin to point a nozzle anywhere near your strands, Liam is insistent on heat protection and while a lot of styling products now come with them built-in, his preference is always for a separate dedicated heat protection spray which he will apply liberally.
Once protected, Liam’s next focus is boosting moisture levels. ‘The hydration of the hair is the thing that people get wrong from the very start,’ he says.
‘As long as you’ve got good hydration in your hair, you’re onto a winner and that can come from a good blow dry lotion.’
Your final product can then focus on setting your style in place with a flexible hold hairspray or a texture spray for a more undone, ‘cool girl’ aesthetic.
Knowing that moisture plays such an integral part in your blow dry, Panasonic created their NA98 nanoe™ Hair Dryer using patented technology that helps lock in hydration by penetrating the hair’s cuticles with nano-sized water particles to boost shine and reduce frizz.
Helpful to know, if you’re in the market for a new blowdryer.
In Liam’s mind, the main difference between an at-home blow dry and a salon one is the focus and care on the hairs cuticle.
‘Your stylist will be blowdrying your hair so that all your cuticles are directed the same way, giving a very smooth, soft finish.’
We know that time is of the essence when you’re drying your hair at home, but there are small things you can do even then to help the process.
“When you’re rough drying, don’t blow your hair upwards, or sidewards, direct your hairdryer downwards to really seal the cuticle,’ advises Liam.
‘An easy way to do this is to use the nozzle on your hairdryer which will help the cuticles lie flatter’.
Panasonic’s NA98 quick-dry nozzle is built-in to suit every hair texture and style. It speeds up drying time by combining soft and strong airflows, whilst the styling nozzle helps you direct heat exactly where you need it when styling.
If you’ve ever tried to properly blow dry your hair at home, you’ll know it can feel a lot like arm day at the gym.
However, you don’t actually need to start styling your hair until it’s 80% dry, says Liam.
‘Rough dry your hair using a nozzle, being mindful of the hair ends, until 80% of the moisture is gone,’ he explains.
‘Then try using a paddle brush (as it’s less fiddly than a round brush) to smooth the hair – I love the Tangle Teezer Smoothing Tool for this. Then, if you want to add curls in, you can just use your tong.’
Pretty simple, right? To make sure your arm workout wasn’t for nothing, the Panasonic nanoe™ comes with a cool-shot button (as well as 3 speeds and 2 temperature settings) which you should use right at the end to seal your style in place.
We get it, sectioning your hair can feel like an unnecessary added step, especially when you’re time-poor.
However if Liam has taught me anything, it’s that sectioning is here to help, not hinder you. Taking that time to separate your hair and work in steps stops you from getting overwhelmed and also means you can spend less time on those bottom, hidden layers.
Now, go make us (and your hair) proud.
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