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We surveyed over 2,000 global restaurant owners, operators, managers and guests to see how the past year has changed their views on the industry, for better or worse, and how they plan to adjust and adapt.
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Over 2,000 restaurant operators and guests share their views on restaurant technology, managing the labor shortage and how they envision the future of the hospitality industry.
More people, both restaurant workers and customers alike, are coming around to the idea of using technology to automate and streamline operations. This is another trend tied to the labor shortage. Once seen as a job killer, automation technology is now necessary to fill the gaps and support a smaller staff.
Key findings on restaurant technology include:
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According to Statista, the number of restaurant employees in the US dropped by 2.2 million from 2019 to 2020. Due to the number of folks leaving the service industry altogether, it is unclear if the labor shortage is permanent or temporaryand, if so, how long it will last.
Demands and expectations on staff need to be reconsidered to avoid high churn, as well as better working conditions, wages and benefits.
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There are many reasons why restaurateurs around the world are struggling to retain staff, and reports of an increase in guests’ bad behavior is one. While there have always been difficult customers, pandemic rules and restrictions have created a new epidemic of poor attitudes, from people disregarding staff requests to full-on verbal abuse and assault.
Download the full reportto see how reported guest behaviors in the US and Canada compare to their European counterparts and how tipping culture plays a role.
Globally, 35% of guests are keen to get back into the dining room as more restaurants open up, but many plan to still support their favorite restaurants in other ways.
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While guests are eager to come back to the dining room, they are still being cautious and careful. Now is the time to review your safety and sanitation practices and make sure guests and staff alike feel safe.
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In 2020, COVID took down the normal holiday boom many restaurants rely on-the holiday parties, catering and family gatherings during the winter months. For this upcoming holiday season, some guests want to return to their traditions while others remain cautious.
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As we move into 2022, the key takeaways to keep in mind are building and retaining a strong and happy staff, balancing customer service with company policies and staying up-to-date on the technology that savvy guests are increasingly expecting as the norm.
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