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Two Maryland women and a man are involved in a heated custody battle.

Maiya Skye, a barber from Landover Hills, says she told one of her clients she and her wife wanted a baby. Skye says the client, Jonathan Patton, wanted a child, too. So, the three of them decided to start a family together.
“I just kind of looked at it as a blessing. I felt like he was this angel dropping from the sky,” Skye said.
Maiya and her wife, Shauntice, say the three of them drew up their own written contract agreeing to be co-parents. They also said they did the insemination process themselves at their house.
The women allege that after Shauntice got pregnant, Patton was distant and refused to pay some medical bills.
“He was not interested in building a relationship with us for the sake of the baby,” Shauntice said.
The baby is now 2 months old. They said Patton recently filed for full custody.
Patton’s attorney, Jessica Ornsby, called the allegations false.
“He was extremely excited about the birth of his child. He was extremely interested and concerned that the child would be born healthy and mom was healthy,” Ornsby said.
Ornsby shared a picture of a baby room at Patton’s home in Southeast D.C. She said Patton didn’t feel he needed to spend time bonding with the women.
“Really, what it boils down to is you have this man who is not in a relationship with either of them, has agreed to raise a child together with them, but he’s not romantically involved,” Ornsby said.
The next hearing in the case is scheduled for November.
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