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There is no substitute for adorable little salon chairs for kids and kid-friendly equipment because, for children, getting their hair cut can be a scary event. Kid’s barber chairs can help them feel special, prevent meltdowns, and make the hair salon a fun place.
Upgrade your adult salon chairs and barber chairs at the same time.
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Want something built to last that kids will love? Check out these Horse Barbershop Chairs for Kids. It’s built tough with stainless steel and PU leather, same as any adult barber chair and from the back, it would fit into any classy barbershop other than being child-sized.
From the front, a carousel horse turns the chair into a way for your little rider to mount up and get their hair done. This chair design brings in playfulness without losing your carefully curated classy salon look or vintage barbershop vibe. What kid doesn’t love playing with horses and horse toys
It has a hydraulic pump that raises the seat from around 26 inches tall to 34 inches tall. The seat is around 16 inches wide but keep in mind that it doesn’t have a built-in seatbelt. 
This horse chair is available in Red Upholstery or Pink Upholstery. I love the vintage red barber chair vibe of these.
Keep little ones occupied with this Pink Airplane Chair by LCL Beauty. A plane is a perfect choice for a chair that’s going to move up and down with the hydraulic pump. Airplane noises will make the movement a fun thing instead of it being scary.
The “cockpit” has a moving steering wheel, pedals, and switches and buttons on the console for the little ones to play with while they have their hair cut. The chair designers did their best to satisfy all genders with a cute pink color and a green Army-looking co-pilot action figure set into the front of the plane.
For security, there’s a nylon safety belt and the padded seat is velcroed in place so it can be removed for easy cleaning.
The hydraulic pump raises the plane from 30 inches tall up to 36 inches tall. It has a wingspan of 35 inches and is 36 inches long. 
If you offer pedicures, parents will love that you have a Kid’s Pedicure Chair. It’s not just hair salons where kids struggle to fit comfortably into chairs built for adults. Standard pedicure chairs are simply too big for kids to use so if a child wants to join their parent or aunt or grandparent on their spa day, they need a pedicure chair that fits them so they don’t miss out.
These Mayakoba chairs have everything an adult pedicure throne has but in miniature form. The throne chair is adjustable forward and backward for height has vibration massage functions along with two cup holders. The foot spa has a pipe-less jet system, stainless steel sprayer, and flashing LED lights inside the basin. Its footrest is adjustable and each chair comes with a matching technician’s rolling stool with a backrest. 
This pearlescent line has a mother-of-pearl look to the base of it and several different colors and designs including pink pixie, yellow best friends, blue Zootopia characters, and aqua The Little Mermaid.
It’s a real plumbed pedicure chair, not a portable pedicure chair, so it will need to be installed into your plumbing. Mayakoba pedicure chairs are assembled in the United States. The chair is about 60 inches long and weighs 160 pounds.
This Viewing Window Haircut Cape helps you take advantage of whatever tools you can to make a child’s haircut more enjoyable. The tapered clear window in the front allows the little ones to see their hands in their lap so they can read, play with a fidget toy, and play a game or watch a video on a phone or tablet. Being able to see their hands can also help kids feel less confined in a hairdressing cape.
The cape is made with antistatic polyester that is water-repellent and has an adjustable neck clip that is quieter than typical velcro, making it a better choice for kids with sensory issues.
These capes come in black or white.
This Children’s Black Hydraulic Styling Chair is perfect if you want something to match your other chairs. It has all the features and appearance of a standard salon chair, but smaller. Your little clients will feel all grown up with a special chair just like the ones their parents use. 
It has a hydraulic pump with a one-year warranty that can adjust the height of the chair from 26 inches tall to 32 inches tall. The little seat is 15 inches wide with a 14-inch tall backrest. Keep in mind that this one doesn’t come with a seatbelt or a matching mini salon mat
All little kids love playing with cars so they’ll love sitting in this Sports Roadster Salon Chair complete with sound effects. The car is highly detailed down to the rearview mirrors, a license plate, and a “reflection” in the windshield. 
Inside there are pedals and switches to keep the little tot busy as well as buttons on the steering wheel that play different sounds and songs. Turning the steering wheel triggers a “vroom” sound and causes the front wheels to turn just like a real car. Batteries (AA) for the steering wheel speakers are not included. 
There’s a built-in seatbelt to keep kids in place and the hard plastic interior makes it easy to clean out hair. It’s not as durable as more expensive models but for the price, it’s a fun chair that kids will love. The height is adjustable with the hydraulic pump from 30 inches tall to 36 inches tall. The car is 36 inches long and 24 inches wide.
This Calming Clipper Set is a great solution for kids who have sensory processing issues and are frightened or upset by loud haircutting clippers.
Clippers are loud right next to your ear as an adult so for kids with auditory processing issues, they can be impossible to use. These shears are built so that you can attach different sizes of the included clipper guards and cut hair this way for a uniform cut without all the noise. It’s great for parents as well as for hairstylists who could use scissor-over-comb to do the same thing but the guards take away some of the guesswork especially when the child is squirmy. And even just having something designed for kids who can’t stand clippers can help put kids and parents at ease.
This set comes with shears with safety tips, seven comb guides, finger inserts, a cape, and an organizer bag. It also comes as a left-handed set. Reviewers have said that these don’t arrive as sharp as they’d like, so it’s probably worth going for the upgraded set that includes a sharpener.
It has a two-year refund policy and a lifetime guarantee.
When you don’t have the budget for a dedicated kid’s chair, a booster is the way to go and this U-Shaped Booster Seat by Mefeir is highly recommended. Many little kids feel unsteady being so high up on a booster seat on an adult’s chair, especially if the chair has gaps between the arms and the seat. This booster seat has two-inch-tall raised sides which provide more security and help kids feel safer. It also gives them less room to wiggle around on you while you’re working. I mean, they’ll still find a way, but this will likely help.
It provides a nice boost with a height of 6.7 inches and it has a long foot protector to keep their feet off your chair seat. To make it easy to clean, the PVC cover zips on and off. The inside is a high-density foam that will hold its shape for years. How dense? Dense enough that this cushion weighs two pounds. 
The booster seat is 16.5 inches wide and 11.8 inches deep which should fit most any salon chair, but it won’t hurt to measure it out.
This Children’s Haircut Stool is a good choice if you’re looking for something minimalist, affordable, and not too cutsie. Some people love the idea of a pink princess salon chair but this chair is great for people who just want a consistent look for their salon while being accommodating of younger clients. 
The stool is shaped like a miniature version of a salon chair but on a more narrow hydraulic lift and with a five-leg base instead of the traditional flat disc. This makes it more lightweight and easier to move into position when needed. The hydraulic lever is underneath the seat, the way a typical office chair is designed. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t list the seat heights.
For safety, there’s a built-in seatbelt to keep the little ones secure in the chair.
Make your capes something kids will want to wear with these Space-Themed Capes by Perfe Hair. Designed for ages three to 13, these capes are anti-static, longer in the back than most, and have an easy velcro closure at the neck. 
The designs, one of planets and one of colorful galaxies, are printed well on water-resistant polyester fabric. They’re machine washable, gender-neutral, and lightweight.
For those who prefer a traditional booster, make it a fun one with this Metallic Gold Booster Seat. A booster seat should be something neat to look at that’s a privilege to sit on like this golden throne. 
It’s filled with high-density foam and provides 6.3 inches of lift. The PVC cover is easy to clean and has a long gold flap in the front to protect your seat cushion from tiny, kicking feet. 
These Mayakoba Kids’ Pedicure Thrones are something a little sleeker than the kid’s pearlescent pedicure stations above. The style of the lines is cleaner and more adult while still having kid-friendly colors and illustrations. 
The pedicure chairs have everything an adult pedicure chair has including vibrating massage, cup holders, pipeless jets, LED lights in the foot spa basin, stainless steel sprayer hose, adjustable footrest, acetone-resistant upholstery, and a matching rolling stool with hydraulic pump. They’re true pedicure thrones and will need to be installed into your plumbing. While they don’t automatically come with a drainage pump, if you reach out to the seller, they’re happy to add one for you. Each chair is assembled in America and is around 60 inches long. 
There are six designs to choose from: powder blue princessred ladybugs and flowers, purple Elsa and Anna from Frozen, green The Little Mermaid, pink princess, and yellow minions.
Go colorful with this Kid’s Hairdressing Stool in bright primary colors. Science says that as their eyes grow and develop, children tend to prefer primary colors over mixed colors like pink or purple so this chair in red, yellow, and blue is a great fit to captivate young eyes. 
The stool has a built-in seatbelt, footrest, and flat rounded base typical of salon chairs. The hydraulic pump lever is located on the side of the chair and can raise the stool from 35 inches tall to around 40 inches tall. It swivels 360-degrees for ease of movement. 
The Imagination Booster was designed specifically to help kids feel brave during their first haircut. This set comes with the booster seat with a tablet holder as well as a velcro cape shaped to look like a fire chief’s jacket.
This sturdy, hard plastic booster seat is a good size for kids anywhere from infants up to pre-K ages. The firetruck-shaped desk portion helps keep the little lot secure in place as well as pre-occupied. It has a slanted shelf with a lip at the bottom for holding books and a tablet strap for holding an e-reader or iPad.
The same brand also has an I Was Brave For My First Haircut story and activity book that goes with the seat complete with illustrations that match the booster seat and cape so kids can become familiar and comfortable with the haircutting set up. They also sell I Was Brave For My First Haircut Certificates with a little firefighter drawing, a spot for a photo, and little clear bags for a keepsake cutting of their baby’s hair. 
Some stylists aren’t fans of foam booster seats because they don’t bring the seat up high enough or because they can start to flatten out after years of use. If that’s you, take a closer look at this Pibbs Child Booster Bar. It’s a platform seat with metal arms that are meant to sit on the armrests of your salon chairs. 
This boosts the child up higher than most booster cushions and won’t compress down. The eight-pound seat is built to last with rigid metal construction complete with a one-year warranty. The arms have a wingspan of around 29 inches which should be enough for any salon chair. 
Just keep in mind when considering your options that this requires that your armrests be level. Also, there aren’t any sides or seatbelts built-in to keep the child secure on this bench. 
For some children, getting their hair cut is nothing more than an outing, but for others, it’s the stuff of nightmares. Even if nothing “bad” has ever happened at the hairdressers, it can be a very scary event for kids. They even write kids’ books about it.
Try to look at it from their angle. They’re put up in a chair very high from the ground, someone they don’t know very well is touching their hair, using scissors on them, and often using loud, uncomfortable tools like hairdryers and clippers. 
This can be especially traumatic for kids on the Autism spectrum who can be more sensitive to sounds and sensations. 
One way is to make the salon or barbershop a fun place that feels safe.
Kids’ barber chairs can help them feel more secure because they’re sitting in something made for someone t their size.
A chair that looks like a horse or a car can motivate kids to push past their anxiety if it looks more like a carnival ride and less like a dentist’s chair. Who wouldn’t want a little princess salon chair?
Capes can play a bit part in this too as they can feel very confining. A fun, colorful cape can bring a smile to their face. Capes with a see-through window will let them distract themselves with a tablet while you work.
For kids on the Autism spectrum, you might want to consider quieter, specialized clippers to help prevent overwhelming those with sensory issues.
If restrictions allow, have their guardian or support person as close as possible.
It’s certainly better than nothing and if that’s what you can afford for now, try to pick out something that will make kids feel secure.
Where boosters seats are less helpful is for kids who would do better not being up so high. Working with kids closer to the floor can help reduce fears. A child’s salon chair can be lowered but a booster seat can only go up.
Before you start working on a lower level, make sure you’re taking steps to care for your own ergonomics to prevent back pain.
Absolutely. I think we’ve all found that trying something that scares us and seeing that nothing bad happened was a big part of getting over our fears. 
Suggest parents have a hair salon playset at home or keep one in the waiting room (if possible) so kids can get used to the idea and the different tools. 
Melissa and Doug make a nice Hair Stylist Costume Set, made in America, which includes a pocketed apron, tools, and a plastic hairdryer with sound effects.
This Salon Toy Kit by BeebeeRun comes with its own storage bag and includes play scissors, thinning shears, hair roller, flat iron, brushes, clips, and a hairdryer that blows cool air.
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