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Over the past year and a half, a lot of folks have had to learn how to cut and style their own hair. If you are one of those people then you need a great barber kit to make sure your fades and lines are smooth as silk. Luckily for you, we have put together a great list of the best barber kits you can get for your money.
When it comes to grooming and styling tools one of the most popular brands in the world is the Wahl brand. Made from stainless steel and a motor that never gives up you can style thousands of heads and beards without replacing blades and running out of power. Regardless of whether you are just cutting your own hair at home or stocking your barber shop with the best equipment, the Wahl corded clippers are a must have for pros and amateurs barbers.
This set comes with color coated and coordinated blades so you never cut too short ever again. I can tell you from experience, putting the wrong blade on your clippers and starting to cut can really change the way you approach your look. You’ll never have this issue again and will get the results that you desire every single time. You can even use this kit, which comes with an astounding 26 piece grooming kit, for body and facial hair which will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean.
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If the look of the clippers is just as important as the way they perform than you have come across a great looking and performing barber kit for your home styling. Not only does this kit come with the traditional hait clippers but it also comes with a pair of clippers that is designed to work on lines and fades. The super sharp and precise T-Blade will make your beard and sideburns look equally as sharp. Each has a powerful and quiet rotary motor that will last a long time without having to replace and holds a charge for up to 5 hours so you will get multiple cuts without ever having to plug them in.
The kit comes complete with 16 pieces from blades to cleaning tools so each cut and trim will feel like the first time. This set is perfect for home use and has the power to work in any barber shop on the planet. With things getting back to normal out there in the world more and more folks will be coming to you for their next haircut and lineup so be ready with a great set to get them looking like they did pre-quarantine. This kit will work on cutting every hair from head to toe and is a great kit for grooming the body as well. 
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Most barbers have a style all their own and they deserve a barber kit and tools that portray that unique style. This kit has an absolutely badass pair of clippers and the clippers are the base of every good barber’s kit. The kit comes with everything you need to get started and cut all kinds of hair. This clippers set is also great for cutting your own hair. As someone that has been cutting his own hair since senior year of high school I can attest how important it is to have a trusty pair of clippers to get the job done.
This kit includes 10 items from the clippers themselves which will hold a charge for around 4 hours to the individual blades for different lengths. Make sure you pick the right blade or you will cut too short and that is never any fun. The stainless steel blades rarely need cleaning and a simple run under a faucet will clear them of any unwanted hairs. The guide comb works for longer hair to keep everything even and easy to cut. This set can also be used on beards and body hair so everything you need is in one complete package.
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Mastering the art of the straight razor shave is something that takes years of practice. In fact they have entire semesters dedicated to this skill in barbery and cosmetology schools. Mixing the talent it takes to shave that close without slitting someone’s jugular takes a lot of time to master but once a barber can do it they have added a tool to their bag of tricks that has become a lost art. The Black Widow straight razor is an amazing piece of equipment that will make the job a lot easier. The blades are rust-resistant stainless steel and are super sharp without having to use a sharpening stone. 
This kit includes the Black Widow straight razor which is a 2.6 oz blade that produces less vibration for a much smoother shave. The handle has as swinging lock design that will keep the blade at the perfect angle while also having a no-slip grip so you can use it while wet and with shaving foam or cream and keep it in your hand. There are four different options as far as color and blade strength go. You can check out each of those options here and pick the one that works best for your home or barber shop. 
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The T-blade version of hair clippers and regular clippers was actually made by the Wahl company over 100 years ago. While the T-blade has evolved considerably over the past century the regular clippers are very similar to the original model, just more compact and easier to maneuver. The Wahl brand is the pinnacle of babery tools and is the standard in the cosmetology world. The pinnacle of the pinnacle is the black and gold set that you see here aptly named “Legend”. 
Both clippers come in a carrying case with all the trimming blades you could ever use. They do not come in a cordless option but the length of the cords is long enough not to get in your way while trimming and cutting. The stainless steel blades are easy to clean and won’t rust over time like some competitors blades. The extended blade cutting area will create a faster cutting time. These clippers are dermatologist tested so they won’t pull or cut the skin on the scalp.
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Some barbers like to kick it old school when trimming and cutting hair so we found it appropriate to include a scissors kit to this awesome list. While clippers are used for shorter hair the scissors are used for longer cuts including tapering and feathering. Being good with a pair of scissors takes a lot of practice and is a show of true skill in the cosmetology world. Any quality barber will be good with both clippers and scissors so any reputable barber should have a number of different tools in their arsenal and this scissors kit is perfectly priced to fit onto any barber’s table.
This kit clearly includes two pair of ultra sharp and precise scissors that can cut hair that is wet or dry with ease. The kit also includes a carrying case for the scissors, barber cape to keep hair off of your client’s clothing, two styling combs, a neck and face brush to remove hair from both areas and two clips to help with styling. Being that the scissors are stainless steel they are easy to clean and won’t rust over time. Adding this kit to your barber tools will be a welcomed addition.
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Barbering isn’t just solely about cutting scalp hair it is also about trimming and shaving facial hair. For decades men have been going to their local barber for a clean shave and have trusted the steady hands at barber shops to get that done. Not only is it relaxing and refreshing but there is just something about a straight razor shave that cannot be rivaled. Modern men have gotten used to shaving in their bathrooms before work and while it may be more convenient it often takes 4 or 5 blades to get the closeness and comfort of a barber shave.
This shaving kit boasts the four elements of a close shave. The kits includes pre-shave oil designed to raise the hairs on your face for a closer shave. It also includes shaving cream and a brush that spreads the cream evenly over your face. The final element of this shaving kit is an after shave balm that soothes and protects the skin as it moisturizes and exfoliates. This is an ideal kit to have in bathrooms and barber shops all over the world and will improve the act of shaving with every single stroke.
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The future of cutting hair is here and let’s be honest, it is pretty freaking cool. This may, at first glance, appear to be your run of the mill hair clippers, but look closer, the clippers have a vacuum function that sucks hair away and keeps it from getting on the floor, clothes and the skin. How does it work? As you cut the hair from the scalp, face and body the vacuum function catches up to 95% of hair making cleanup a sinch. Just like other clipper sets, this set comes with blades that adjust the length of the hair left on the head and face and body. 
With a 4 hour charge the clippers have a run time of about an hour, which is long enough to work on multiple people. The titanium coated blades are extra shapr and super strong and will not rust over time when washed. The kit comes with11 guide combs, scissors, a carrying case and more. The vacuum part of the clippers can detach and be emptied out into the trash easily. The clippers operate with a cord or can go cordless whichever is easier for you.
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Maybe you haven’t noticed but over the past ten years or so the beard has become incredibly popular among men of all ages. I am proud to admit that I haven’t been clean shaven since going as the Joker for Haloween and honestly, I couldn’t wait to grow the beard back in. With the increase in gentlemen growing their beards out their has been a major increase in beard care programs and kits and the one you are checking out now is a really great addition to any barber shop or home.
The kit includes 12 items that will take your shaving and beard maintenance to the next level. Those 12 items include, all organic beard wash, oil and balm, each smells like sandalwood which is a great and masculine scent. There is also a straight razor with two blades, a classic straight blade and one with teeth that will smooth as it trims. You will also find a beard comb, beard brush and a pair of small scissors perfect for moustaches and getting those hard to reach hairs. All of the organic beard treatments have vitamin B and aloe which will give more live and sheen to your facial hair. Also includes beard shaving tarp/clothes that will keep the hair off your sink and makes cleanup super easy.
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Having a complete pair of clippers like this is a lifesaver for any barber that does scalp and facial hair. While this is advertised as a kit for home use, it is also a welcomed addition to any barber shop. Move seamlessly from sideburns to facial hair to working on your clients fade without having to change tools over and over again. With this all-in-one kit you can get more done faster and see more customers ultimately increasing your productivity and the cash you make during the day. Also, your clients are going to love the way they look after coming to see you.
This kit includes a ton of fun stuff for not a ton of money. There are three different attachments, one for facial hair, one for scalp hair and one for details like fades, lines and sideburns. The high carbon self sharpening blades won’t rust and need little to no maintenance. There are a total of 6 blade guards that help with different lengths and styling. After just 90 minutes of charging you can run this tool for 2.5 hours, longer than most of it’s competitors. It even has an LCD screen that is waterproof and will tell you just how much power is left. 
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This Barber King Barber Box Kit is the pinnacle of barber equipment and makes for a fantastic gift idea for aspiring barbers and cosmetologists. Not only does this kit come in a great package but it has everything you could ever need to start your own business either from your home or new shop. While some folks would say it is a bit pricey others will see the value in this kit and know that you cannot put a price on looking good and being a successful barber.
This kit includes 9 items, all just as important as the other. There is a Hair Clipper, Hair Trimmer, Straight Razor, Shaving Bowl, Vintagre Safety Razor, Shaving Brush, Beard Comb, Alum Block, and Adapter. There are modern and traditional items in this box which make it an awesome choice for anyone looking for a traditional shaving and barbering experience. You are going to love using every single tool in this kit and learning how each will create an amazing trim, cut and shave.
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Over the past century, the face of barbering has changed drastically. It used to be you could get a trim and a straight razor shave at your favorite barbershop. Now you can get a fade, get your lines touched up, get your hair and beard dyed, and a list of other things done that you couldn’t in the early 1900s. Also, the prerequisites and licensing have become a lot mot difficult to get. You now need to go to school for years to become a licensed barber. 
Whether you are working in an actual barbershop or salon or just trying to look your best while working on your face and scalp at-home these options will definitely get the job done. Even if you don’t charge for shaping up your buddies and family, you still want them to get a professional experience in the comfort of your or their home. You will need some of these tools to get the desired outcome. Lucky for you we have put together this amazing list so that your shopping will go smoothly and you can get to work.
When it comes to cutting hair there is one name that stands out above all the others. Mostly because they invented the clippers we use today. The Wahl brand has been creating faster ways of cutting and trimming hair since the early 1900s. As the years have gone on, technology has added a lot more to the landscape of barbering. Motors have become smaller and quieter. Blades have become sharper and easier to maintain. And because of this, the overall outcome and act of cutting hair have become smoother and easier. 
There are a couple of Wahl options on this list and any of them will help with what you are trying to accomplish. If you are looking for a complete barber kit with multiple clippers and tons of blade guards for different lengths then you are going to want to check out the Wahl Legend kit that includes classic clippers and T-Blade for closer cuts. The T-Blade is designed to be a sharper blade that is great for fades and lines. Both feature a high-powered motor and stainless steel blades that never need changing. If you are just beginning your journey as a barber or you are simply doing your own hair at home then you might enjoy the color-coordinated blades that the Wahl Corder Clipper Color Pro provides. Never again will you put the wrong sized blade on and cut your hair way too short. Both are great picks and make for great gift ideas for any guy that loves taking care of his hair in the comfort of his own home. 
If you are interested in the most advanced technology in the barber world then you might want to check out the Remington Vacuum Clippers. Yeah, you read that right, these clippers come with a vacuum attachment that will collect 95% of the hair that is cut making clean up so much easier. Your significant other will never complain of you leaving hair on the sink and in the drain again because this pair of clippers actually sucks up the hair as you cut. The clippers are pretty great too. Made with titanium blades the maintenance is next to nothing and they will last you for a long time. The clippers are also waterproof so you can clean the blades out just by holding them under a running faucet or under the showerhead. 
This list isn’t just for trimming the hair growing from one’s scalp. It also has great items that are perfect for shaving and beard care. As you have probably noticed the beard has become even more fashionable than it was when the Vikings were sailing all over the world. Having a full, healthy beard has become quite stylish. Taking care of your beard has become easier and easier with some of the great balms, lotions, and care kits that are available for purchase. I use a beard kit every day and not only does it make the hair easier to tame but it makes my beard smell fantastic.
The straight razor is one of those facial hair cutting techniques that takes a steady hand and a ton of focus. There are classes in cosmetology schools that are dedicated to master this technique. Any quality barber is going to offer a straight razor shave and if you are a guy that hasn’t experienced one yet, hurry over to your barber and give it a try. The first time it is a bit nerve-wracking but the shave is the closest and cleanest you have ever experienced. The 12-in-1 Beard Care Kit is fantastic because it has everything you will need to tame that beard and even shave it off should you decide to go babyfaced. It features a sandalwood fragrance that is masculine yet delicate. 
The Black Widow straight razor is a sturdy and fully-evolved razor compared to the razors used in the 1800s. It features a locking arm and a no-slip grip so you won’t have to worry about losing the blade while it is tight to someone’s skin. There are a number of different colors and styles to fit your barbershop’s decor and if you are buying one for your home you want something that will last forever. The blade stays sharp and you can use it over and over again without dulling it. The blade is also designed to create less vibration as you are dragging it across skin and shaving hair. It will leave few to no razor bumps and produces a shave that is second to none.
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