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These grooming sets are a cut above the rest.
There are many things that should be left up to the professionals: gas leaks, home wiring, and anything dealing with a health diagnosis automatically comes to mind. These require training and an in-depth knowledge that YouTube videos and Wikipedia just won’t provide. It’s always best to tread with caution no matter how hands-on you think you might be. Chopping or trimming your coif at home, however, need not be on this list. Indeed, there are a number of haircut kits that’ll let you do the job yourself.
All the same, we will always advocate that, under ideal conditions, haircuts get handled by the experts. Barbers and stylists (the good ones, at least) are accredited, spending years mastering how to use scissors, clippers, and all the other tools needed to give you a ’do that does the most. But if you have a steady hands and want to give it try, there are grooming brands that have curated haircut sets primed for DIY adventures. It’s a wise investment if you find yourself in a pinch often, and need a trim before heading out the door.
From options with scissors and fine-tooth combs to electric clippers with a selection of hair guards over the blade, the best haircut kit is really dependent on the type of style you want. For those with long locks looking for an animated cut, scissors are needed. The best shears will chop inches off your mane, give you bangs, and allow you trim around your ears and other sensitive areas (note: it would be wise to have someone else do this part). But if you have short hair, clippers are better. For tight fades and edges, opt for a guard with a smaller number, and vice versa.
So, if you want to forgo the barber shop and try your hand at cutting your own hair, we rounded up the 10 best kits that’ll start you on your path to becoming the next A.B. Moler. The end results, however, are all on you.
For budding barbers, Himart has the essentials: a straight-blade scissor, a textured scissor, grooming comb, and two hairs pins. The shape of each tool is ergonomic, letting you cut and style as close to pro as possible. And there’s cleaning cloth and case, because the best of ’em always keeps stations tidy.   
The shears in this kit—one with a straight edge, and the other one textured—are made of hand-polished steel with a black titanium finish. They also have an offset grip that reduces fatigue. And their silhouette is designed to reduce noise and friction. All this means that you have a set of durable and sleek scissors that’ll let you chop away for hours (if need be) in silence. 

Sirabe’s scissors are built to do the absolute most. Both the straight and teethed scissors are made of 100 percent Japanese steal, which means they are razor sharp; feature shock absorbers on the handle that reduces friction; and have an adjustable rounded screws that minimize noise.   
If you got a stylized coif in mind, Andis’s haircut kit definitely has it all. Its 20-piece set—which includes, clippers, 12 guards (yes, 12!), combs, a scissor, and lube—will help with fades, edges, and trims. And the durable case makes sure that nothing will get lost post-chop.   
The name to know in hairdryers in Conair. So, it should come as no surprise that the brand also offers a variety of other hair maintenance-products, like this 21-piece kit that features a clipper with taper control and a DC motor, nine guards, scissors, a comb, a cape, clips, a cleaning brush, and more. It basically has everything but the barber, because the barber is you. 
Dudes with beards are more than familiar with Philips Norelco; the brand is a leader of electric trimmers and shavers that maintain one’s facial hair. But its products aren’t just for the lower half of the face. It also offers a variety of clippers, like this 18-piece kit, that’ll keep your coif nice and neat. 
Just by the look of things, I don’t need to tell you that Remington’s haircut kit is heavy-duty. But in case you need some more convincing, the set features clippers with a power-cut blade system that reduces snagging, a super magnet motor, and precision blades that cut through the thickest bristles. 
No need to worry about shocking yourself near the sink, because Hatteker’s cordless clipper is completely waterproof. It is powered by an easily chargeable lithium ion battery, and features high-carbon, self-sharpening blades, which means you won’t need to replace this bad boy for a long time. 
Consider yourself a pro if you heard of Wahl before this story. The brand tops most barbers’ lists when it comes to durable, quality tools, receiving high marks for its powerful and ultra-quiet clippers, which are designed to be compact, providing increased comfort and cutting control. 
Oster is another brand beloved by barbers. It’s not hard to see why, considering it offers powerful clippers with an ergonomic design that features a textured grip and ultra-durable, break-resistant blades. 


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